II international Musical competition alisa gitsba
Dedicated to the 15th anniversary of recognition Russian independence
Republic of Abkhazia
Academic solo vocal performance
Art of ensemble
October 15-26, 2023
Moscow, Sukhum
Alisa Gitsba

A highly talented and skilled Opera Singer, Soprano with extensive experience in all the styles - from Baroque till Avant-garde of XX century. A profound knowledge of music and remarkable ability for self expression.


1991 − 1994: Singer at the ensemble «Madrigal» of the Moscow State Academic Philharmonie.

1992 - Present: Singer at the Moscow theatre «Helikon-Opera».

Awarded by title « Honored Artist of Russia», 2004

Awarded by title «National Artist of Abkhazia», 2007

Professional experience:

At the «Helicon-Opera»:
G. Verdi: opera «Aida» / Aida
G. Verdi: opera «La Traviata» / Violetta
G. Verdi: opera « Macbeth» / Lady Macbeth
G. Verdi: opera " Il Trovatore"/ Leonora
P. Tchaikovsky: opera «The Queen of Spades» / Lisa
P. Tchaikovsky: opera «Eugene Onegin»/ Tatiana
L. Janάček: opera «The Macropoulos Affair» / Emilia Marti
F. Poulenc: monoopera «The Human’s Voice» / She
F. Poulenc: opera «Dialogues of the Carmelites» /Madam Liduan
J. Strauss II: operetta «Die Fledermaus» / Rosalinda
R. Leoncavallo: opera «Pagliacci» / Nedda
J. Offenbach: opera «The Tales of Hoffmann» / Antonia
G. Puccini : «Turandot»/ Turandot
A total of more than 30 parts.

Benefit performance of Alisa Gitsba (2007):
F. Poulenc: monoopera «The Human’s Voice» and «Le Bal Masque» in the stage version of N.Dydchenko. The conductors V.Ungurianu and M.Pekarsky.
Chamber repertoire:
The songs and romances of russian composers: A. Alabyev, A. Varlamov, A. Gurilyov, M. Glinka, A. Dargomyzhsky, P. Tchaikovsky, M. Musorgsky ( Song-cycles «The Nursery», «The He-Goat»), S. Rakhmaninov, G. Sviridov, E. Denisov, M. Tariverdiyev, N. Sidelnikov, N. Biryukov, E. Latysh-Biriukova, A. Evard.
The songs and romances of european composers: F. Schubert, R. Schumann, J. Brahms, H. Wolf, F. List, C. Debussy, M. Ravel, F. Poulenc, P. Hindemith, R. Strauss.


In Moscow:
U. Giordano: opera «Siberia» / Stephana
W. Mozart: opera «The Marriage of Figaro» / Marcelina and Countess
The performance «The Master-class of Maria Callas (1999) / Sharon Graham
I. Bach : «The St.Matthew Passion» / soprano part
L. Beethoven: Symphony #9 / soprano part
G.Verdi: «Requiem» / soprano part
E. Denisov: «Lamentations» / soprano part
A.Vustin: «Small Requiem» / soprano part
Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire / soprano part.

In other countries:

USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Estonia, Österreich Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

World premiers:
J.-B.Lully: «Alceste» (1992)
P. Hindemith: «Das Marienleben» (the first version,1998)
N. Sidelnikov: Oratorio «The Death of the poet» (2000)
O. Messiaen: «Songs of earth and Heaven» (2003)
A. Tcshetinsky: Opera «The blind Swallow» (2003)
A. Rybnikov: Symphony #5 (2005)
A. Sumak: Opera «Station».

«December evenings of S. Richter», 2006, 2007
«Sacro-Art» Loссum, Germany, 1998, 2003
«Cherry Woods», Moscow, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, 2005
«Territory» Moscow, Russia, 2009
«Francophonia» Moscow, Russia, 2010
«Best Symphony Orchestras of the World», 2010
«Russian music seasons in Nice», 2011.

G. Rozhdestvensky, B. Tevlin, Y. Simonov, V. Gergiyev, V. Spivakov, V. Ponkin, T. Kurentsis, R. Klemenchich, M. Pekarsky, A. Sladkovsky, A. Bogorad.

Stage directors:
D. Bertman, K. Serebrennikov, N.Dychenko

To participate in the competition, send the following package of documents to the competition email: gitsba-competition@mail.ru by September 25, 2023:

• an application with filling in all fields;

• personal photo;

• creative biography (if available);

• link to a video with access to download to listen to the 1st round;

• a receipt for an episode of organizational winnings.

Please read the competition regulations and answers to questions:

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